Animal communicator, people and pet psychic, holistic pet care educator, public speaker and published writer, Sindi Somers is based in North America. Although currently a resident of San Diego County in southern California, Sindi serves the world’s wild and tame animals and people. To learn more about Sindi, you are welcome to email her at sindi@apetpsychic.com or call her at 619-797-0705.

Sindi and Ginger say hello with a smooch!

Before relocating to San Diego in 2007, Sindi worked as a meditation and energy healing teacher at CDM in Everett, Washington, just north of Seattle. While at CDM she was also served as a professional psychic reader and energy healer. Her telepathic communication skills developed as she strengthened her other abilities. She is able to communicate with people and animals that have passed on, as well as those physically present on earth. While in Seattle, Sindi also began a career as a Wedding Officiant. For those in San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles and surrounding counties, Sindi performs weddings, commitment ceremonies, renewal of vows and baptisms. She also offers memorial services for both animals and people.

Sindi has had an awareness of the spiritual realm and a deep affinity for animals since she was a child. Originally assisting people, it was her love of animals that inspired her to formally include animals in her practice. Sindi has been referred to as an animal expert, gifted pet psychic, animal whisperer and even a dog psychologist. She has a holistic approach to pet care. In addition to animal communication, energy healing and psychic reading, her holistic approach includes nutrition and behavior education and humane cat and dog training. She offers psychic readings, energy healings and meditation classes for people with and without companion animals.

Sindi appreciates those clients that are able to pay for her services. This allows her to continue to volunteer her time and donate her services to assist animals in shelters, rescues and others in need. To find out what rescues and shelters Sindi has worked with visit her events page on her other website at WildTame.com. Sindi also offers special discounts for employees and regular volunteers of registered non-profit organizations benefiting the welfare of animals and people. For more information about her discounted rates, just ask!

Contact Sindi via email at sindi@apetpsychic.com or 619-797-0705.

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